This is all the good stuff you’ll get with issue 1!

PORK BURGER HILL (Into the Jungle)

It’s an easy mission: Recon Hill 666 and report back to the firebase. What can go wrong in a jungle infested with cobra-people, pigmen, dwarf cyclops and old forbidden gods? This action-packed no-holds-barred adventure is mostly suitable for level 1 to 2 characters from the free OSR-vietnam game ”Into the Jungle” (Get your copy from Drive-thru RPG here!).


Jouaqin Don Hound is the richest dog in the world, and his Coin Keep is the place where he keeps all his treasures!
It’s time to don the domino masks, turtleneck sweaters and the number plates! Will the band of duck-burglars succeed in their plan to rob Don Hound, or will it be yet another failed attempt?
”Duck-Burglars vs The Coin Keep” can be played with any of your favourite RPG-systems!


It’s time to ”Mycologice” your adventures! ”Night Yeast and Other Fungal Infections” is from the creative mind of Christian Sahlén and presents GMs with five new ways to cause some misery among their players! From the lovely Crimson Fang Fungi to the exciting Turquoise Brain Shroom; we’ve got your Mycology-itch covered!

NUNSUAQ STATION (Death in Space)

In the bleak space of fallen civilisation and shattered ambitions, you just exist and avoid the whispers from the void. On one of the moons orbiting the emerald gas giant known as Amtuq, is Nunsuaq Station. A research station dedicated to researching the gas giant. Or so they say. For more about the bleak space, check out!


Disease is spreading from the Restless Hills, carried by centipedes and beetles. The plague-struck rave and scream in delirious fever, until they vomit out their lukewarm lungs. You must travel to The Slaughter Crypts and stop this plague. Go now! ”Death and Pestilence” is a dungeon crawl for the global success MÖRK BORG, written by Devils and Gnomes kept in perpetual agony to and forced to generate Dungeons.


Did you know that The Blue Ostrich created the world and that we can all acsend to the heavens and join its court of feathers and warmth? No? Well, you arrogant heathen, while we feel pity for your lack of knowledge, we’ll always welcome those wary travellers and adventurers that seeks the true meaning of life. Please join us, and please have some of this assortement of gold and gems, because we just have too much of it here in our ancient holy site. The Birds of Yore is a true Fungeon written by the mighty Björn Wärmedal and illustrated by the colossal Karl ”Skullfungus” Stjernberg.


”Smelly flails, we’ve got hairy flails, bloody flails, we’ve got snappin’ flails, we’ve got silk flails, we even got Naugahyde flails!”
Ever found yourself in a situation where you just don’t have enough flails? Look no further – This lovely selection of flails by Mr Christian Sahlén will satisfy all your flail-urges for days!


Find the recipe and 5 ingredients for the Golden Dough. Hurry! The yeast must be fresh for the dough to rise!
We proudly present the first ever Bungeon! Yes, this magical adventure of croissants and buns will break the spirit of any gluten sensitive player!